Lema Mountain offers over 80 km of marked trails, which bring you to and immerse you in the greenery and tranquility of the region which embraces the valleys of Ticino and beyond.
On the way
of the mountain pastures
sulla via degli alpeggi

An itinerary to savor

The walks take us from the top of Lema Mountain to the plain through the mountain pastures in a suggestive natural rural landscape, rich in history, emotions among the scents of rhododendrons and majestic beech woods, historic chestnut trees and old buildings like testimony of past efforts.

Monte Tamaro –
Monte Lema
Mountain Trail

Peak to peak expercience

A spectacular hike suspended between civilization and uncivilized valleys.
The Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema Mountain trail is one of the most beautiful hikes of Switzerland. The spectacular view during the whole hike extends itself between the Lugano and Locarno area, the valleys, the lakes, the Swiss Pre-Alps and further over Ticino, Valais and Italy.

Additional information:

  • Length: 13.1 km;
  • Difference in altitude
    Ascent / Descent: 962 m / 933 m;
  • Minimum altitude / Maximum altitude 1410 m / 1602 m;
  • Duration: 5 hours without breaks
  • Technical difficulty: Medium – T2;
Monte Lema

Lema Mountain

12 itineraries to explore  Lema Mountain in all its facets. Itineraries of medium and long duration and of various difficulties adapted to each type of hiker.
In addition to a 360 ° panoramic route, there are countless options for reaching the top and returning by cable car or opting for a return on foot to Miglieglia.

short routes

Lema Mountain
soft & relax

4 short routes to rediscover Lema Mountain in complete calm and tranquility.
In an hour it is possible to cross the insubric path with a breathtaking view, reach the historic cross at the top or the astronomical observatory.