Euphoria and freedom. The infinite horizon. The feeling of swimming in the air. The summit of Monte Lema is open to lovers.

... Paragliding from Lema mountain

Lema mountain is considered by paragliding lovers to be one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to practice this sport. From the height of its 1620 meters you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ticino lakes, the snow-capped Alps of the canton Bern, up to the peaks of the Valais with their imposing glaciers.
Paragliding and hang gliding pilots arrive on Lema mountain  from all over the world, to take advantage of the exceptional thermal conditions, which on favorable days allow them to make amazing flights at heights of over 3000 meters!
As a flying area,  Lema mountain also offers many possibilities: from gliding, to easy remote flights along the ridge leading to Monte Tamaro, to flights of over 200 km towards Valtellina or Engadina.
Immersed in a wild landscape and surrounded by lush vegetation, Monte Lema is a unique gift of nature!

TANDEM paragliding flights

Find out, with fly&smile pilots, the enormous joy and incomparable sensation of liberty, that only free flight can bring.

Anybody can do it, you just must not weight more than 120 Kg (265 Lb) and be able to run some steps during take-off, no minimum or maximum age (under 18 with parental agreement), no certificate required and you don’t need any particular preparation. With your pilot, who owns a federal certificate expressly issued for passenger transportation, you will soar in maximum safety above Ticino’s most gorgeous mountains, in company with swallows and eagles.

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Information for licensed pilots

The summit of Monte Lema offers free flight enthusiasts (paragliding and hang gliding) the best that can be expected: a large grassy take-off, which allows you to climb and take off safely in almost all directions!
It can be reached first from Miglieglia by cable car, then with a 10-minute panoramic walk. The wind conditions during take-off are often favorable but, as in the rest of Ticino, it is advisable not to take off in the presence of the dangerous Foehn coming from the north.
There are two official landings:

  • in Sessa, particularly suitable for less experienced paragliding and hang gliding pilots
  • in Miglieglia, 5 minutes from the cable car departure station, for more experienced paragliders. The latter landing can be rather difficult, especially in spring, in the central hours of the day, due to the sustained thermal activity.

For more information, we recommend that you visit the official website of the Club Volo Libero Ticino.