Where we are

...How to reach Lema mountain

By car

From the A2 motorway, take the Lugano Nord exit towards Ponte Tresa. Once in Magliaso / Caslano, take the detour to Pura and then follow to Miglieglia where, thanks to the cable car, you can reach the summit of Lema mountain.
We have ample free parking.

By train

Arrived at the Lamone-Cadempino train station, take the 423 bus in the direction of Magliaso and get off at the Miglieglia, Paese stop.

By bus

Take PostBus 423 (from Lamone-Cadempino, Station towards Magliaso) or take Postbus 427 (from Cademario, Kurhaus or Novaggio, Posta and get off at Miglieglia, Paese).
Travellers wishing to arrive in Miglieglia can travel via the Magliaso FLP station.

PostBus 423

PostBus 427

Technical data

“come and go” in 2 groups with 3 cabins each. One group of three cabins goes uphill, the other goes downhill at the same time.

Capacity of the cabins
15 people (standing) for a total of 45 people per trip

Capacity per hour
330 people per hour

Length of the route
2536 m

Difference in altitude
849 m


Max. Transport speed
7 m / sec. (25 km / h)

Medium transport speed
5 m / sec. (18 km / h)

Duration of the trip
8/10 min. (Depending on speed)