Didactic itinerary
sentiero didattico

Educational path

An educational trail to discover the hidden secrets of Monte Lema

...Learning in nature

The new Monte Lema nature trail is an exciting experience that combines nature and learning in a unique way. Along this trail, we will guide you to discover the hidden secrets of Monte Lema and its extraordinary biodiversity.

A key stage will be devoted to butterflies, where you will learn fascinating details about how they flap their wings, their life cycle and the crucial role they play in the local ecosystem. Through detailed illustrations, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the grace of these insects.

The next section invites you to explore the terrain and recognise the footprints of the animals that inhabit Monte Lema. This observation activity will give you a better understanding of the local fauna and its habits.


The wind takes centre stage in another exciting stage, where you will discover how it blows through the treetops. A practical lesson in the power of nature and its influence on the surrounding environment.

In addition, there will be other stages, which we don’t want to reveal just yet, panoramic benches and picnic areas.

Finally, the new trail offers a unique opportunity to get to know a new world, enriched by 50 different tree species. Detailed information and clear signposting will accompany you in the discovery of these new tree treasures, broadening your understanding of the botanical wealth of Monte Lema.

In short, our educational trail is designed to offer an engaging and informative experience, inviting you to explore the wonder of nature while gaining valuable knowledge about Monte Lema.