...Emotion in a 360 degrees

At 1624 meters above sea level, the gaze extends to infinity and embraces the valleys of southern Ticino, Lake Lugano, Luino and Lake Maggiore valleys. The horizon stretches as far as Graubünden and the snow-capped Bernese Alps, the Valais peaks with their glaciers and the docile and teeming valley of the Po. Lema mountain is an enchanting panoramic peak, the most impressive in Italian Switzerland, and a natural oasis from which a network of hiking trails that run along the ridge of the mountains and meander along the ridges.
On the Lema, you can discover the mountain at its heart: you can admire the wonder of the flora, with its woods of chestnut, beech, oak and holly; you are surprised by the varied fauna: the freedom of a flight of birds, the gentle Scottish cows that graze freely. In this evocative atmosphere there is also a space to discover the ancient iron mines, study and be amazed by the stars and planets at the observatory and to taste the fresh milk of the Alps and all the best food and wine products of the Ticino. Thanks to its climate and its conformation, Lema Mountain is the destination for daring athletes, but also an ideal destination for families. The Lema peak is the ideal starting point to sublimate the magic of paragliding or hang-gliding and discover the natural trails and the thrill of free descents or mountain biking.



The heart of the territory

From August 10, 1934, on the occasion of the 19th centenary of the Redemption, a Cross was erected on the Mount wanted by the Malcantonese Catholic Popular Union Committee. Since then, the Cross has become the symbol of Malcantone, a sign of faith and belonging to this territory.
In 2000 the original cross was replaced by a new one in stainless steel, of the same shape and size. The Cross is 11 meters high and the arms extend for 4.30 meters, a dimension that makes it visible from a great distance and symbolically creates a spiritual connection between earth and sky.